How to recover pending dues from ex-tenant?

Hello Sir, I had given my new flat a tenant. Tenant has agreed to pay a monthly rent of 9500 and 2 months rent as security deposit. Here rent will be paid after completion of the month, very first month itself I have got complaints from residents of the neighbouring flats. I have asked my tenant to stop such illegal/un ethical activities like bringing boys and girls from out side, giving parties, roaming around the society promises with objectionable dresses, consumption of alcohol with that scolding neighbouring residents and many more. Later I have got pressure from other flat owners, finally I have decided to ask my tenant vacate the flat. As my tenant is having small kid, as a decent human being I had given 1 month 10 days of notice to vacate the flat. Tenant had accupied my flat on 01-May-2015, and I have asked my tenant to vacate the flat on 26-Jun-2015. I have asked to pay the rent for the past months, but they have requested that, due to some issues we are unable to pay the rent, and the same can be adjusted from security deposit. Tenant has used flat for 3 months and they haven't paid electricity bill of 9000, tenant said before vacating the flat all the pending dues will be paid. But tenant has vacated the flat without paying one month rent and 9000 rupees of electricity bill, even at the time of vacating flat they haven't given any intimation. Later I had given call to them about the pending dues, initially they have responded positively but now they are not attempting my calls. I'm not very sure how to proceed further to recover all the dues from my previous tenant, please provide me your valuable suggestions. I have all the proofs. Thanks n Regards Venkat