Wife not appearing for Dv hearings filed by my parents against her under senior citizen act

I was married for in the month of December . After that my wife started troubling us. Then on may 2019 we made a agreement on 500 ruppes stamp paper that if she will not listen to us and trouble us then her father will take her away. So we gave her a time to improve herself. But then from may 2020 she started trouble ing my parents saying that this is my property and she will kick them out of the house. And we installed CCTVS in the house even after tht she was troubling my parents. So my parents filed for eviction suit against me and her with the police under senior citizen act. And also we have 2-3 police complaints against her. She said tht she will go to jail but won’t leave the house. Then on the CCTV she was found harresing my parents and said that this is my house I’ll remove you out of the house and then one day she twisted the camera angles also not under our presence. Now it’s n the month of July 2021 my parents also filed a DV suit against her in the JMFC court mostly to get restrain order against her . Now three hearings are done but not she or her lawyer both are not showing up in the court. I m stying separate in a room and paying rent. In between she tried to enter the house but my Parents thwarted her attempts so she called the police but then the police said it’s your family matter u sort it by yourself. She filed for false DV against me but then now her lawyer removed her complaint mostly she dosent have proof To prove it. I have also filed for divorce separately but she is not coming for the divorce hearings also neither her lawyer but she is taking the notices in her hand. So will the judge issue a arrest warrant against her in my parents case ?? The property is a self acquired property I have nothing on my name. But the latest SC judgement states she has right of residence. Kindly help in this