Not letting me enter house where me and my husband live on rent

I live with my husband in greater Noida. Whenever I go to Kanpur, the in-law place, they keep saying a lot of bad stuffs to me, especially mother-in-law and husband. Once I've just responded that y can't v maintain atmosphere of peace ever. Why do you guys have to poke me everytime, I'm trying my best to keep you all Happy but u r just not letting me live. Since then my husband is not talking to me normally after coming back to Greater Noida. He has threatened me to leave House. Then he started leaving me alone for 3–4 days each week. I still didn't leave House, but had to live at parents for those days as he used to take keys with him. This haa beem happening for the past few months. Now he is again threatning me to leave House. When I refused to do this, he said I'll make sure u will. He then said, I'm bringing my parents here. I said okay, but I'll not leave House. Then he said I'll make sure you will. Then he went to Kanpur again And took his keys. Now he came back again, brought his parents. And he has denied my access to the society. Now I will have to go there tommorow, and he has denied access. Now I don't appreciate people advising me to leave House. That's my home they can't kick me out just because I stood for me when they emotionally tortured me. I'm peacefully living there. I know they will make it really hard for me to live there, but I'm not quiting marriage due to this fear.