Property disputes with cousins and uncles

My father and his 3 brothers used to live in Joint family. My father is second as per age of the 4 brothers. My Taooji (eldest uncle, elder brother to my father) used to take all financial matters while my father and two younger uncles were engaged in businesses in their respective duties. He had purchased various properties in different names of our family members. After the death of my Taooji, all financial burden related to family expenses, fell upon my father while two surviving Chacha (younger uncles) hardly shared the expenses and kept all income by themselves. The joint family was on the verge of shattering but my father didn't let it happen for everyone's benefit. Finally he succumbed to all the tensions and passed away merely 2.5 years after my Taooji had passed away. Once he left us, I started seeing real faces of my uncles and cousins. My elder Chacha (3rd of the 4 brothers) and his son forcefully made me leave my father's business (which was joint till he was alive but he was the one behind its major success). I was doing a small software business without much success till then and my father's business was my cushion in bad times but was taken away. I was refrained to my own small work for my livelihood. Soon, everyone was on their own and kitchens were separated. Things didn't stopped there. Many of our properties were being sold (few of them even without informing me and none with my consent) mostly by my elder cousin (Taooji's son) and youngest uncle and his son. The proceeds from the sales of those properties were not shared with me. I objected and tried to fight for my rights but everyone else were making merry themselves without any concern for me. I was always struggling with my business and one year ago, moved to another city for better opportunities. In the mid of all this and till today, I am fighting for my rights while my uncles and cousins are disposing off our joint properties one by one without sharing. There are a few properties where they cannot proceed without my consent and now they have told me to give my dues (from sale of properties in past) only when I give my consent to sell or transfer the properties which otherwise couldn't be sold without my agreement. Their offer in exchange is unjust and peanuts in comparison to what would have been my actual right. I really don't know what to do and how to stop them from selling our joint properties. Communication between us have obviously went sour but yet I haven't taken any legal action. I dont know if I can get share in the properties already sold or in properties which were bought in my uncle's name (but were actually owned by all). Can I send them a legal notice to warn them against selling properties even if its in their names? Can I issue a public notice to warn people from buying or selling any property with my uncles and cousins?