279,337,338 have been put for accident case with a bus

I was driving my 4 wheeler.At night, while I was overtaking a truck,the focus light from the front bus was so bright that I couldn't see the diversion and I went and hit the next bus.In this accident,luckily both our air bags inflated and none of our adult member was injured but my niece got hurt.She was 10 months old.She was in ICU for 12 days but thankfully she is out of danger now.The bus which I hit was a state transport bus and it sustained some damages worth 25000 Rs as per initial estimates.I work in merchant navy and my job requires me to be out for 5-6 months at a stretch.Police have made me guilty in this case and have put 279,337 and 338 sections on me. I have an emergency assignment outside India and its more than 3 months but the police haven't filed the chargesheet. I want to know that, can I go outside India before filing of chargesheet ? When notice comes my dad and lawyer can attend the hearing and ask the court that he will attend the proceedings after 6 months. Thanks in advance.