Respected sir, Iam Dara Lokanadam from A.P. in 1991 my brother got D4 patta 5 cents. My father( who was worked as Gangmate in Southern Rly and expired in 2003) developed the site through with debts and cleared the all the debts in 1992 with his retirement benefits.In 1995 My bro got Govt Job and married. All the cleared promisory notes are now available.In 2002 my father,brother,myself and some of villagers came into an agreement and written in white paper as 1/3 of 5 cents surrendered to us(my father and myself) but he was not surrender.In 2005 i went to Court for suit partition. Scheduled Items 1 to 4.Judgement in 2013 stated as Items 1 to 3 was splitted 1/3 to my mother, mybrother and myself. Item 4 (5 cents) was solely to my brother. After that I went to ADJ court for Item 4 of Scheduled property now it is running. In the lower court I submitted all the documents as described above. Sir, Please give me a suggestion for the above problem. THANKING YOU SIR YOURS FAITHFULLY DARA LOKANADAM Mob. [deleted]