Regarding service tax and registration cost

Dear Sir/madam, I purchased a flat last year. As the flat cost exceeded my budget so I was about to drop my plan of purchasing the flat but the bank manager assured me that bank will approve registration cost as a part of the loan which didn't happen finally. So I said I am not going to buy the flat but my promoter said he will pay the registration cost for now to complete the registration and some work was still pending in garage. He said if I complete the registration then he will get complete loan amount disbursed so he can complete the pending work at garage. So I agreed. He said that he has paid the registration cost and service tax. I thought this amount is paid to govt so I didn't verify the amount that he paid. But now I always feel somehow he is cheating me because of the following reasons 1. Registration cost includes stamp duty which is mentioned in my sale of deed + 1.1% registration cost. The amount comes around 163000 but he said he has paid 193000. Is there any other charges involved? 2. He said he has paid 83000 as service tax but he didn't give me any document for that. What document I am supposed to get as a proof of the service tax that he has paid. Please note that the CC was issued 5 days before of my booking amout that I paid him. I am yet to pay him 120000 out of 350000 but before clarifying these two points i don't want to pay the amount to him.Also note that my promoter made an agreement with me for the above mentioned 350000. As a part of the agreement it was mentioned that if I fail to pay the amount before agreed time then he will take legal action. Please suggest me how to chase this. Without clarifying above mentioned two points I don't want to pay the balance amount. Also note that the pendin work for my garage is not yet completed. Please help me to come out of this situation. I am mentally exhausted until I settle this. Thanks & Regards, Ashish