Tenant property auction without notice

My shop was getting auction in drt in2006 which I saved by depositing 2lacs in court. That time court had given me 12months to make the paytm to the ban. The amt was ard 30lacs so I was nt able to fulfilled the payment also mkt was in bad shape.so my father gave the keys of shop to the bank in good faith and promise to make the paytm and take the keys back. My father tried but didn't make it . Now my landlord and bank got the property auction at throwaway price without sending me notice. I was nt aware. They published in news paper abt auction which I dt read. I never got the notice from bank. Now internally bank and the landlord got the property auction for 45lacs in 2008 and kept it under table. We are nt aware . In jan 2009 after 3months I come to kW abt the property got auctioned. I called up bank and said he can u do this my property is worth 3crs and you have auction without my consent. Bank said you come and take the difference amt of 75lacs and finish the matter. Immediately I filed case in drt and my case was dismissed saying it was beyond 45days . I filed the case in drat in 2009 since that day till date the case is still running, but hearing nt happening..date and date.. My lawyer got status quote on my property . Now the property is going in redevelopment so I move the case on priority before the landlord demolise my shop. Landlord lawyer told me to settled the matter and dt try to run the case, as he said it will take ages also all lawyers are sold if I bribe them your case is as it gone so better you get out of the case.. Pls guide me on this my property is tenant property in dadar area prime location .