Sign on bonus

Hi I'm from India and currently working in an MNC in Malaysia. They have given me a sign on bonus of around 5 lakhs but with a 2 year lock period. (not pro rated). I have also signed a contract for the same when I joined 8 months back. I'm fed up with the current project and the role they offered me and thus wants to move back to India desperately. If I submit my resignation officially I will have to pay the entire bonus amount back (including the tax that was deducted when I got the amount credited ie around 8 lakhs). I dont have that much money with me now. My question is what will most likely happen with my sign on bonus situation from the employer side if I abscond my job without giving any notice to my employer and come back to India and join a new job in India. What possible legal actions will they be taking in this situation. I dont need the past 8 months experience letter from my employer so absconding is not a problem for me but the only concern for me are the legal ramifications related to my sign on bonus contract.