Road accident by my car

Hi In order to save me and my car from a sedan coming from wrong side, I had to take a instant left and in the process hit a biker. He fell and many people ran towards me to hurt me or something... I ran from the scene.. Later I got to know the biker suffered fracture in his leg and right arm. After running I informed the traffic control regarding what had happened and now the matter is with police station. The injured is asking me about 1.5lac plus 3 month of his salary. I have a proper third party insurance of my vehicle but the police is saying that since mine was a bigger vehicle it's my mistake. I have inquired from relatives and friends, and I got to know that if he files a case against me than I can get bail from police station and the insurance company will pay for everything... It's just that I might have to visit court for hearings more than 15-20 times... I don't want to waste my time in that....I'll negotiate with the man but what else can be done... Should I let him file the case? What should be appropriate lawyer fee if he files the case.