Name change in property tax to be done by tambaram municipolity

Tamilnad housing board allotted L.I.G house to my wife under monthly instalment scheme in 1989. My wife died in 2008 and housing board after final cost calculation , collected the final balance payment from all the allotees in march 2011 only.. In my case , due to the death of my wife , I paid the amount and submitted legal heirs certificate, death certificate , renunciation deed by my daughter , son in my favour to the housing board .. Accordingly , housing board executed sale deed in my name and also issued a letter informing Electricity board that property owner name changed from the original allotee to the surviving husband ( by name). Housing board also has requested the tahsildar to issue a patta Iin my name .. But , the concerned municipality wants me to get one more renunciation deed from my daughter and son . Is it necessary to comply with this and do not the following serve the need of the municipality ? sale deed in my nae executed by housing board death certificate of my wife legal heirs cerificate encumbrance certificate upto date that no sale/ motgage has been effected by me. Please reply . CHUDAMANI