Ancestors property

Hi sir My mother (40 age) is my grandfather's 1st wife's only daughter. He left his 1st wife without divorce when my mother was 1 year old. Then he got 2nd married and have 2 sons . His 1st wife also got 2nd married. My mother stayed and brought up by her father's aunty who doesnt have children till she got married . But my grandfather has affection only for his 2nd wife n sons. We have ancestors property without any wills which has been enjoying by them for many years now. My mother kept asking for a share but they ill treated her for years now. And her father's aunty where my mother was brought up since she doesnt have any children she has her self acquired property she died few years back without any will. Even this property have been enjoying by them after my mother got married. I want to know what is share my mother will get in father's side ancestors property and who is right hire for Aunty's property. And also will we get paid by them for enjoying these properties for many years.