Ancestral property

My name is Anindya Guha Roy and I am from kolkata but presently i stay at Mumbai. I have a big problem.My Grandfather was a lawyer of Kolkata High Court. he died on 1985. he had four sons. my father was an elder son. We and my one of uncle both lived outside of kolkata due to service. My Father died on Last year. After my Grandfather deceased my 2nd Uncle was lived with his fanily at my Grandfather house. On the year 2012 My Uncle constructed 5 Storied Building On the Place where grandfather House was established. We are fully deprived and we don't get any share from that property. My Uncle and one of Promoter both jointly took share from that property. My Uncle made documents in their name . We collected all documents from our Jurisdiction Court. My Question is can i Claim our Share from that property . If yes within how many year i can claim it. We are financial very weak. we are looking financer for help us in this case and we are agree to give share from our share. After study all documents we find out many points. One of the easy point is don't have nay name of my Grandmother and my one unmarried uncle in the document. We are looking good knowledgeable lawyer who interested to handle this matter.