What is the right way to proceed?

After marriage, what happened? About My sister's husband Within 15-30 days, he resigned the job. He is not doing anything. He wants to start add agency...for that sake we gave one lakh rupees for his camera and other equipment His father wants him to start Xerox shop...for that also we are ready to give money.... He doesn’t have proper work....no regular work...he is free...He is depending upon his father’s salary. Reasons to leave my sister Now she is 6 months pregnant Reasons are 1) She is not walking properly with high heels sandals. How 6 months pregnant lady can walk with high heel. Till now she didn't use high heels 2) She is dropping vessels in the kitchen (not always) 3) She is not taking bath 4) She is changing the position of vessels in the kitchen 5) She is sitting in the chair ...murmuring something 6) Etc... Reasons they decided her as mentally retarded person. But she is B.tech graduate and before marriage nearly 7-8 years she worked as lecturer in Eng. College...and she finished her M.tech from JNTU. For marriage sake only she left her job. She is still ready to leave with him...with out filing divorce case ..what case we can put against her husband?