Non acceptance of resignation

Dear sir, i had joined a private limited engineering firm on October 14. i gave my resignation on 25th aug,2015 via email,hard copy & also via post. my boss, the owner of the concern tore my resignation letter and refused to accept it and said i will have to stay there for three more months and only then they are williong to accept my resignation. in my contract there is no mention of any notice period or anything that states i have to stay on after i have put forward my resignation. However, there is a clause that states "Employee commits to work for the period of 3 years".if they leave before that period ,the company might ask for compensation." yesterday i got a mail from them"sub:non-acceptance of resignation ". " it states" you are bound to stay till 2017 and also i can not get employed anywhere else till they RELEASE me. i do not want to go back. can they make me go back? i am 25. this is only my 2nd job. i do not have much money. what kind of compensation they can ask for? what can they do to me? i am quite paranoid over this and i have no legal understanmding of these matters. a little bit of perspective would be really appreciated. regards