Need Advice on Property Transfer

Eight years back i had booked a flat which was under construction. Since i was working abroad i booked it on my wife's name. But the project was stalled in between cause of builder's problem. There is already a case going on in high court between we buyers (150 members associaion) and builder. Last year there was a ruling from the court saying no party is allowed to transfer the rights to third party. But now it happened so that me and my wife have seperated and the property remains on her name. I did talk to builder if he can shift it to my name, he said he can but my friend advised me not too because of the court ruling above. Its on her name with the builder and also her name in the court proceedings. I had also requested our association representative but he said it is not possible i will have to wait till the case is clear. My ex wife is willingly ready to transfer it to my name. She is ready to sign it on my name. Can it be done thru MOU or POA or is there some procedure which can be followed and which cannot be revoked later. Kindly please advice me.