Inherited properties

I am Md. Habib from Assam. We are sunnis muslim. I want some legal help from your side. Our grandfather expired 40(forty) years ago. After his death the property was distributed by our fathers among them and who sold most of their inherited properties and passed on it us the leftover of their shares. Our aunts who are 80 years and 70 years of age at present and married since 64 years and 50 years respectively now claiming for their father’s property. Could they claim for the property after so many years? If they can how much they are entitled and who are liable to pay them? The following points may kindly be clarified: (1) Our grandfather died 40 years ago in the year 1974. He had 6 sons. Out of 6sons, the three elder sons had already expired in the year 1992, 1999 and 2006. (2) Our two aunts, that is, grandfather's daughters who are 80 years and 70 years of age at present had been married since last 64 years and 50 years respectively. (3) Our aunts had neither approached nor claimed any share of property from our grandfather who was alive till 1974. (4) Even after our grandfather's death, the two aunts did never come and claim their shares from their three elder brothers,that is till 2006 and are now claiming their shares from the younger three brothers and seven nephews of their three deceased elder brothers. May kindly clarify as to whether our aunts can now claim their shares from the three younger brothers and seven nephews, that is sons of their deceased brothers. Thanks,