My daughterinlaw Filed a false Case

I am a retired Teacher. i have only son and two daughters. my son marriage done one and half years back. he works as a bank Branch manager in Chennai. i stay in Hyderabad, and my son in Chennai. we both live separately. my one and only son died 6 months back with Dengue Fever in Chennai. we are in a Great sorrow regarding my son death. from then our Daughterinlaw came to Hyderabad and stayed with us. we look after her very well. but with in few days she started quarrel with us to give all compensations which we receive due to my sons death from Bank which he works and and insurance policies. then we said now we are also lose our son and no one is there to lookafter me and my family, we dont have a own house also, my income is not sufficient to lead my family, and now i cant do any work. and i need to do marriage of my younger daughter. and i asked her, we all live together, and take her partition and remaining to us. for that she didnot agreed and she wanted full compensation to Her only. then she left home and went to her mothers home, from then she started blackmailing us to file a case on us. and she also filed a case on us that we are harassing her and sent her out from my house. we are in a great sorrow because of my dear sons death, but his wife on other side making us to feel so bad. we really didnot do any thing to her. and we requested to live together. we didnt need full but our share according to the rules, to me and for her also. she wanted to show that as we did domestic violence to her, with that she want to get full compensationto her only. sir please help us how to get out of this situation.