Maternity propertie

Hello sir My self rajesh agarwal Sir our maternity grand parents had only one daughter his my mom For my parents we are two brothers my self elder one and one more younger. Sir long back a time my parents had some issues in theri life and they lead independent life till today but their is no any legal prosses between them After the issue my maternity parents bring and brought up my mom and we two brothers. My maternity parents give us very good anvorment and good education and loved us very much. In 1993 my maternity father nanaji passed away. And in the year 1998 my maternity mom nanaji passed away . In year 1998i rajesh agarwal got married we have two children's In year 2008 my younger brother got married but after few years they got supreted by law And I rajesh agarwal leed my life with my family ???? And mom live with my younger brother I have my self made business in other city and my mom and my brother have many businesses in my maternity parents property and the business are my maternity parents assets. Now my question is theri my rights in my maternity parents business and property as I am elder son of my mom Previously we both brother use to run all business in year 2006 I left it all and started my new business From the year 2006 my mom and brother is running the same business and look after the property My mail I'd is [deleted]