Verbal abuse from Mother in law. Advice on seperation

I got married on 23 November 2019. It was a love marriage, the problem was from the day one since our marriage was fixed. On the day of our marriage it was a huge fight between both the families. Once I came to my in laws place I was asked that I will not see my parents again and they didnt allow me to see my family for a year also there was constant abuse from my mother in law. She constantly abused me and my family. When I discussed this with my husband he said we will have to live like this mom is really hurt because of all the Hassel. I kept quite thinking someday things will change but nothing changed. This lead me and my husband to depression. I ignored my health for his health but still my my mother in law kept abusing me and my family every other day. one day I had enough and I left everything and went to my parents place. For 3 months I was there, I suffered from depression was getting the treatment. I told everything to my family then. After 3 months my husband and in laws came to my place and assured me that everything will change and we will start again. I agreed to give a chance, few days things were good but again same things started happen again. There are many personal things which I cannot share here which started which I unbearable. When I rasied this again to my husband he said we will have to live like this as this is her home she can do anything. This is again hampering me. My husband conveniencd me let's have a kid things will change my mom will change. I am now 9 months pregnant but there is no single day when I am happy or my mother in law is not abusing. She has crossed every limit. And my husband also does not have spine to take a stand. He says will have to stay like this forever. He blames me for everything. I am doing everything to work things out but they both are not even bother to change. I am also loosing hopes now and want separation. As I am pregnant and can deliver anytime soon so cannot consider divorce because of my child's future. But cannot live with this family anymore. Also they are always harsh to my family they don't evern allow me to go to my place and when my family comes they behave wierd. I cannot take this anymore. They are not ready to move on in life. They still have grudges with them . I feel like fooled again. Need suggestion on seperation and my rights. Please help. I think I will lead to depression again.