Son suicidal daughter in law n her new husband irritates first husband family

My brother committed suicide. We did not complain…he stayed with wife n daughter n mom in lease house . The house was in his name and me ( sister and I don’t have kids and I used help when he is in need) because I gave him some money since he was running short. After his death his wife went to her native. We asked her take whatever she wants from the house. Soo that we can take amount from the owner, no one were staying soo. Upto 4 months she pushed it all of sudden their family told us, she got married soo she doesn’t not want anything, she just take the money n her clothes whatever is there in the lease …after this we have vacated the house n many were disposed n some were given to Ashrama …whatever my mom wanted only those we kept. There was a talk after 2 months of her marriage this and we were told that , we have give 3.5 lakh to her in the lease amount. As per this 2.5 was drawn by her and in 1 lakh cheque was returned from bank saying signature mismatch. So we told her to return the cheque soo that we can transfer Here after her new husband is started talking to us saying she will not come to return and he speaks irrelevant And finally he said not to call her and him. Soo we called her family asked them to and come complete the things. but now they say go to her new husband’s home n give her cash …they call n torture for things whatever were there in my brother house. Which no one has it. It’s 8 months of brother’s death 4 months of her second marriage still we are struggling with these people what to do now? And there were some finger rings of baby’s which she left by mistake that also we want return.