Rental Agreement related

I have taken a property on lease in Noida Up to run a small scale factory , the agreement we have is for 5 years where 3 year is a minimum lock-in period which will be end up on coming November-15th -2021. our existing landlord has sold out this property to some other company , now this new landlord want us to sign a tripartite agreement for the following reason. 1. The Agreement is for two months only till the end of 15th Nov 2021 after that new landlord will execute a new agreement . 2. we have paid approx. 5 lack as security in advance to the existing landlord during the time of execution of Lease Deed which was duly registered in the Office Sub-Registrar Noida Uttar Pradesh . now the new land lord want to transfer the said amount to be in his account . kindly help me to understand ,is there any legal existence of this agreement , should we transfer the the security to the new landlord on the basis of this agreement. 3. since all the properties in Noida is on lease based what is the legal entity of this kind of agreement/MOU where the existing landlord has sub leased his property to the new landlord and demand the rent and security from the lessee .