Is Station bail is there for 498a?

Dear Sir, My wife gave complaint on me on June 1st and women police station SI called for counselling. I have told all my concerns in the counselling and they observed that my information is genuine and they gave counselling to her not loose this guy and asked us to come for counselling after 2 weeks. Actually I am from very poor family and my parents are still doing coolie. I am working in private company. I went for second counselling and her father told that they dont want counselling and they will file the case in court. I returned. After 2 weeks same women police station SI called me and told that court has send orders to book case against me (they know that I am innocent) and asked me to come to police station. They booked case on all my family members who are not there with me and that to we lived together only for 4 months in 1 years span of our marriage. Police station SI told that they are giving station bail to all of us and they told that they will prepare charge sheet and call us in 2 months or so. I have few questions 1) Whether court can ask Police to book case? 2) Can police can give station bail? 3) They told us no need of AB bail? is that true? 4) Whether they can arrest me after completing charge sheet? Actually the lawyer came with us while taking station bail is money oriented and he took 50K for station bail. so need your suggestions to come out of this. We have approached one more lawyer and still discussions are going on. I am worrying o this because my wife father is police in same city and he is influencing the police that he can go to DGP. Appreciate your suggestions. Thank you