Need advice on property registration (on sale deed doc)

Hi, I am going for a house registration. And the sale deed has the below point which I am not able to understand because of its legal terms. Would like to know if these points are in our favour or the seller and its safe to go ahead. Please advice. 1. PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Vendor or persons claiming through or under trust for the Vendor shall have the right to enforce the stipulations contained in the Schedules hereto. 2. PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Vendor/Builders doth hereby agree to abide by the stipulations contained in the Schedule hereto. 3. That the developers/builders will require every person to whom they shall hereafter transfer, grant or lease any properties comprised in the property described in the Schedule-A hereto and in the proposed development scheme to covenant and to observe the conditions and observe the restrictions set forth in the scheme above. 4. That the developers/builders and the assigned or trustees claiming through or in trust for the developers/builders in respect of the development scheme or any part thereof will always respect the rights of the Purchaser mentioned in this deed and in the Schedule 'E' in particular. 5. The Developers/Builders hereafter shall faithfully follow the covenants herein contained and shall not confer on any other person or persons any right not reserved for the Purchaser herein nor shall they contract to exclude for the transferees any burden expressed to be shared by the Purchaser herein. 6. The Developers/Builders accept and agree that any covenant by the Developers/Builders in future if any deed or document reducing or altering the right of the Purchaser herein or imposing on the Purchaser any restrictions not found herein before shall be void. Thanks, Vimarsh