Who is responsible once I filed divorce and she tried to suicide

My wife behaved very well and like very "Sanskari" before marriage. I work in Pune. So after 15 days of my marriage i left to pune from gujarat. Then she started saying i dont like here without you. I thought its obvious as she had to live here and she left her family so she asked to go to her parents home, i told her you can go. I returned on saturday so she came back on friday evening. Same thing happend on the next week (i go pune monday and return on saturday morning). So this is now not acceptable as when i came home she come and when i go she go to her parents home. So my parents told here parents that this is not good to come home only when i am here as neighbours ask where's your new daughter in law (as she went home on the same day i left for pune). So after this she was stating here(her sasural) but then she started fighting with my parents for small small things and seating idle when others are working and if someone asks here to do some work, she tells me that i have to do all the work and everyone is torturing me and all that. In simple words she say all wrong things to me. After that she started showing her original behaviour (which we came to know after marriage from her relatives) the she was very Ziddi and she wants that "Whatever she says only that should happen, everyone has to fulfill her demands and no one should ask him to do something or not point out on her mistakes". She was misbehaving with everyone including me as well and call her parents. Once she was very near to hit me, i have to call her parents and ask them to talk with her and tell her to change her behaviour but she dont even listen to them and said no one is believing me so i have only one option, to "die". So much have been done by her that i have to ask her father to take her and then i filed divorce in Mahila Mandal. In Mahila mandal we had one meeting and they didnt agree to divorce. Now the Main Point : After 4 months (i.e. she went to her home on 20 Apr 2015) she tried to do suicide and her mother asks policeman that her Parent's "In laws" were harrashing her and hence she did this. So my point is when she was living with her parent's from last 4 months and no contacts with us. Then how could they say that she did this because of us. Also her parents did not inform us that she did this. The Policeman was continuously harrassing us by saying that if they file case you guys will be gone for a long time. Now i want to know what could be done in this situation and are we guilty in this ? Can you please describe what will be the result of this and if they say we are guilty what can we do ?