Fraud in mediation for divorce by the mediator

Respected Sir, I got married in feb 2015. Due to suspicious behaviour of my wife just after a few days of our marriage i had a doubt on her after 3-4 months of married time. Accidently i came across some of the things that made me understand her past and present affair with the same guy. I was totally depressed. Her family had done a fraud to me by hiding her past when it was asked before marriage. When i told her about all that i got against her, she had complained at her home saying all false about me. She wanted to save her reputation in front of her parents. Her family i suppose was not aware of her present (after marriage). Her family hired a lawyer. Their family came to my home along with that lawyer and a mediator. Their lawyer and the mediator are married to eachother. The girls family was told by the lawyer and the mediator that they can provide us with a divorce in just 6 months by some special process. We have not even completed a year for our marrige. We concerned our lawyer who said it is impossible to get a divorce in 6 months under divorce by mutual concent. We were sent a notice for mediation by this mediator in a few days. We went for mediation where we cleared the point that its not possible anyhow to get a divorce in 6 months. Then the mediator asked me about why i need the divorce. I told him the whole case. That information was compromised and was forwarded to the girl's lawyer. I doubt if they had taken the video of whatever i told in the mediation room. The girls lawyer was asking for an alimony and money spent on marriage, a huge sum which if i save my whole salary for total 4 years then it will be equal to that amount. I know i have not made any mistake to spoil my marriage. The girls lawyer is persuading the girls family by telling all false laws. We have signed one 5 paged agreement which was submitted to the court by the mediator. We were told by the mediator that we will get the certified copy in a few days. But according to process it is granted after the lok adalat preceding is done. We have not yet attended the lok adalat. We do not have any certified copy of the agreement with us. I doubt if the mediator has replaced the pages in the agreement as we had signed only on the last page out of 5. In agreement it was written that no alimony or any other claim will ever be made by the girl. And i will return all the evidences that i got against her on the last day. Just after a few days of mediation we received a call from the girls lawyer saying they want to settle the things as soon as possible. They were calling me to file a petition for mutual divorce. Its not even a year completed for our marriage. This time also the lawyer is playing a trick that we can file mutual petition. My questions are: 1. What if the mediator had replaced the pages in the contract? Can i appeal that it is manipulated? Where and when to appeal against it? Will the manipulated agreement be considered final in the court? 2. Is there any special law to file a petition for divorce by mutual concent before one year completion of marriage? 3. Is it that there cannot be any appeal against the mediation agreement, not even in high court? 4. They are asking me to come to file a mutual concent divorce petition, we have gone through mediation and the agreement is not even provided to us. Shouldnt we wait for the lok adalat and get the certified copy of the agreement before filing a petition? 5. If any video is provided in the court for what all i told in the mediation room, will that be legal? As per i know mediation is to be kept confidential. Can i appeal for breach of confidentiality if any such thing is produced in the court? 6. As i have signed the agreement, that document should not be kept confidential to me. Can i send a request to get the normal copy of the agreement which is kept in the court?