Dowary case

Dear sir, My sister got married in Feb 2014 after some days of marriage their laws asked for dowary & beat her, my sister came back after 4 month of marriage. then we filed case in women cell in Dec. 2014 where by mutual agreement they agree to take along with her. after 5 months same story repeated & they again started harrasing her for same & filed a false complaint against us in women cell where they said that they want divorce, for which my family not agrees. as we were from bride side we want that somehow this relationship will settle down thats why we havn't file any case against them & again complain against them in women cell . But they filed case under section 13 for divorce before our any legal action. after that we had filed a case Under DV act & dowary primary investigation done by police as well as by DSP level last week(19 august 2015) & statement recorded but we havn't received any FIR copy by Police till yet & also no arrest made by police Kindly suggest & also advice for below questions. 1) as the Groom side taken action against us first in court, whether they get some benefits( For your information first we lodged complaint in women cell) 2) whether FIR filed against them because we are not able to get reply from Police( can i check the status Online any website???) 3) why police is delaying for the arrest & further action. 4) What will be our further action??