My brothers life and future

Dear All My brother got married in 2008 , from then the couple were together for 3 years, later my brother met with an accident and was declared schyzophrenic by doctors. Then my brothers inlaws took their daughter home, wherein my brother was sent to medical treatment by my parents. After 26 months my brothers wife came back to us after hearing out that my brother was recovering slowly. She gave a written statement that henceforth she will not desert him and take care of him along with giving him proper food and medicine in tome. athey started to live seperately as insisted by my brothers father in law. Recently few days back we came to know that she is pressurising my brother to become a father. so my brothers worry is in case if she goes back to native for pregnancy who will take care of him ?, secondly incase if she does not come back to my brither after giving birth to kid. Thirdly can she claim any property owned by my parents ?Not only this my brothers inlaws keep on threatning him that they will hit him, break his legs and so.