Can i get my money back, if so please help me out

SUB- MIS and RD’s, Amount of RS 22 Lakhs, were prematurely withdrawn by a Post office agent without the consent of the depositor, matured mone not yet received in depositor’s account. Respected Sir, We need your intervention about the matter that I, along with my other family members(Details of which are given below) have kept our hard earned money in offices through a Pos toffice agent in the form of MIS and RD’s. My father 79 yr, mother 67 yr, have serious medical problems, ill health with complete rest and unable to handle the accounts. Agent was homely attached to our family and knowing our situation, and she requested us that she will operate all accounts on our behalf. Believing on her, we handed over all the MIS and RD passbooks to her. Every month we used to give properly filled up and signed withdrawal slips for MIS and deposit slips for RD’s respectively to her to operate the accounts. Hence forth each month she used to give us MIS interest amount in hand and the rest she used to deposit it in the RD account. In the month of March’15 one of my RD has matured after 10 years and I was chasing her for matured amount. After long chasing she admitted that she had prematurely withdrawn all our MIS and RD’s. She has destroyed all the passbooks of MIS & RD’s she admitted. We are shocked to see that how an agent can withdraw prematurely from a joint account an amount more than 22 Lakhs from Govt, organization like Post Office without authorization, signature, ID proof and consent of the depositor. Please note that we, the Joint account Holders neither have received any matured amount or any information of RD, nor any deposited MIS amount till date from the Post Office. We, the Aged people, who feel secured to keep our only Future Amount in Post Office, Please do not destroy the faith and Kindly look into this matter seriously and do the needful in getting our, my and my parents , money back. 1.The agent gave us post dated cheques for the full amount that she has taken on or before maturity but now she is now not in a position to clear the cheques 2. She have not kept any properties in her name