Land acquisition of shop

I am practicing licensed dentist practicing in my own clinic since 3 and half years.. My wife is too practicing dentist in same clinic.. We run this clinic in a shop of 150 Sq ft... Now this clinic is in a complex.. Located in urban area of Nagpur. The complex is Road touch and road facing... Now the Road is national highway which has been already widened to 4 lane for which land acquisition of our complex 's front parking space has been already completed.. Till now no problem to the complex structure and my Road facing ground floor shop... Now if in future if further land acquisition occurs... For further road widening.. I m definitely going to lose my clinic space (shop) in that acquisition. As the early land acquisition have already reached my shop door step.. note that I am owner of this shop... And registry is on my name now the questions Question 1:-If Future Further Land Acquisition occurs... As per LARR 2015 and amendments,, Right to fair Compensation and transparency in Land acquisition...... What entitlements would be I entitled to in terms of compensation , resettlement and rehabilitation??????????? Question 2:-Would I or my wife would be entitled to get a government job as per our qualifications... As on fact of land acquisition... We will be livelihood losers... And would be maximally impacted as we will be losers of employment too?????