Landlord/ Landowner forcibly took allotted flat by the builder

Dear Sir / Madam, Landlord / Landowner and builder are in dispute over financial matters, the court has given status quo or order. The buidling is fully constructed and operational without water facility which is being supplied by tankers from outside. We only have allotment letter and receipts of payments made to builder in full. Landlord a local person has taken over the flat , due to dispute with builder. builder is not helping, builder says matter is in court. Local politicians says don't mess with this people, who has taken your flats as they are dangerous. Police not listening as there is no agreement and said solve your case amicably. Builders lawyer contacted me and told your case is weak and its been 7 years, u take your money back with some interest. You dont have case or else you loose all money. What are my chances to fight this local goons and builders in court together. Total displaced people are 38 flats. 13 alloted flats forcibly took by the landowner , as he has not received the share agreed by the builder. Please advice, we are in deep trouble.