How I can deal with fake charges of ipc 451,354,323,34

Sir my incident is there was a fight between our neighbours I will describe then as party A and B so Then party A neighbour called up my mother that came fast I got a problem with (B) neighbour so normally as a good neighbour my other went in the home of (A) neighbour to see what happen in there house party(B) neighbour were also there the problem was party (B) neighbour's daughter has sent stupid messages on watsaap to neighbour (A) mother because the incident occurred in morning that part(B) daughter was saying stupidthings to party(A) mother .know they both told my mother to solve our problem and party(B) neighbour said my mother to come our house to tell there daughter to behaive like good person my mother said ok then at night at 10:00pm party (A) neighbour again that came fast I got a problem again just come fast my mother got feared and she ranked there house to see what happen then she told my mother lets go to party(B) house and give a advice to don't do anything like this again like I mentioned above she has sent stupid msg on watsaap. So my mother tell them party(A) ok no problem I will come with you then my mother and party (A) our neighbours went to there house at 10:30 pm as normal because both neighbours were good in relation as normal they went to there house in that time my mother told them to not fight just only talk and come back because party(B) neighbours daughter was very very bad girl like you can under stand . Then they went there house party (B) now then both start talking to each other and my mother was just sitting in party(B) house to normally solve their conflict as a good neighbour. But they start fighting with each other abuse each other and beating each other so know I camed my house from somewhere and I asked my little brother that where is mother he told she went with party(A) neighbour as she was shouting like come fast I gotta problem so I started asking my neighbour where is my mother suddenly my friend said I have seen her going with neighbour party(A) to party(B) neighbour house and there is fight going I suddenly scared ran to their house I saw both of then party(A) and (B) fight and abuseing I called my mother to came home leave them because they were fight means slaps and punching now my mother and I came back to our house then at 1:00 am at night police came to neighbour (A) house that party(B) neighbour s daughter as written a complaint against you of this above ipc came to police station party(A) neighbour called as come lets go police station unnecessarily we caught in there mess now we reached police station with party (A) neighbour. And now the real mess starts neighbour (B) s daughter filed a case against party(A) neighbour including me and my mother that I and my mother have sexual molested her and assaulted her sir all the charges are fake but police investigation officer is telling us now to get a bail or I will lock you and your mother to jail sir tell me now what to do as police investigation officer is telling us that her party(B) s neighbour s have seen party (A) and me and my mother beating there daughter and molesting her they are giving fake witnesses to police investigation officer to trap us with party(A) the party (B) s daughter threaten my mother that why she didn't stop party (A) s fight with her as my mother said she came there house to solve their problem not to fight as in anger she told police that me and my mother base molested and assaulted her sir as we are not rich enough to hire a lawyer and sue her so we asked police investigation officer to help us how to get rid of these fake charges he said we don't know we can't file counter FIR because we are accuse in this case sir right know me and my mother is facing unnesscerly pain of helping others we don't know what to do know as police officer is threatens us to take bail or he will lock us wether we did something or not he don't know he said he only know what party(B) neighbour Daughter has said with her witness sir every witness of party neighbour is giving wrong evidence because as they are thinking that the judge will give them free lawyer and they will take revenge from us or compensate huge amount to withdraw case help help help help as i mentioned sir party (A) is having three member one widow mother 55 years age ,her son and daughter 27/28 year age both they fighted with party (B) daughter and in party(B) they are one daughter 30years age she is little physco because is. Not married yet and her father and mother are of age 60/58 year and me 20 year and my mother 40 years