Can I befriend a woman while I am fighting a divorce suit?

I am 36 and originally from Calcutta, now settled in Bangalore. I got married in 2007. I and my wife lived in my flat in Calcutta (while my parents continued to live in our ancestral home in Howrah) from the time we got married till 2014. In 2014, I ran away from her and started staying with my parents as I was unable to tolerate the psychological torture she kept heaping on me since we got married. I applied for divorce. She then filed a case against me, accusing me of mental cruelty under DV Act of 2005 (I had never physically assaulted her or denied her material comfort in any way). She continues to occupy my flat. The court has granted her only 5000 per month as interim maintenance in the DV case. She has appealed against that, saying it is too low an amount to sustain herself with (however, she is yet to withdraw the amounts I have deposited at the court for the last 3 months. The case has been moved to the superior court. Her lawyers keep seeking adjournment in the case I had filed. I have met an American lady working in Bangalore through a mutual acquaintance. We liked each other and have met at restaurants and coffee shops. She is aware of my situation and still she wants me to have dinner at her flat. I, however, do not want to want good person in trouble. Hence, I would like to know if she would be on the wrong side of the Indian law (which is very different from US law and she does not comprehend the scenario here) if I am known to meet her in the privacy of her own place or mine. I would also like to know what kind of trouble it would mean for me.