Second marriage without divorce

I am a married woman. My marriage was on 27th Oct 2014 ( as per Special Marriage Act). Now am in US with a company assignment for 5 months. I will be back on Oct 16th, 2015. Our marriage is a love marriage and we have registered our marriage as per the 4th Schedule. ( Sec 13 of Special Marriage Act 1954). We bought land for buidling our own home ( its a mutual loan). But in my abscence my husband married another lady for his family and she is from a high class family. Now my husband is not ready to come with me and he is telling he needs that lady and he will not come back. But he knows well I cant live with out him. At any cost I need my husband back. So I informed all the truth to his and her family. but no use. they are not ready to give him back and he also with them. He is telling he will not do anything against his mother. His family and girl's family also telling that whatever am doing is not a problem for them and they will take care of all the issues and they know how to solve the issue. Because they have enough money to get their things perfect. What I can do ? I don't have any idea. I need him back. I will not agree for a divorce. I am going to file a petition and before that I need a good advice with support of our law. I am planning to go with a Criminal case and also planning to file a petition in Family Court. Is there anything else to solve the issue ? or what is the concequence if am going with a Criminal case