We live in a high rise in Hyderabad. In each floor, there are two east facing flats with a common pathway leading to the two flats. There is a wall facing the pathway, which is common to both flats. Our immediate neighbor has constructed a grill outside the main door. We know that construction of grills in itself is not permissible. However, this person has constructed the grill in a particularly obnoxious manner, covering half of the wall facing the pathway, not just the area in front of their main door like some of the other owners have done. This disturbs the look of the entire place, particularly that of our side. It also makes it inconvenient for us to move our belongings in and out of the house. The builders had assured us via email that this grill would be removed. We trusted them and paid the entire amount. Now the builders have turned back and are asking us to sort it out directly with the owner. The owner is sitting mum on the issue, saying there are many other people who have built grills in the apartment. I want to know if per law this owner's act is any worse than the other owners who've constructed grills? Because if we need to wait for everyone to remove grills, its going to take long. Also, what action can we take against the builder (they know that we have their promises on email but obviously don't seem to care. they are washing his hands off saying that they never permitted that owner to construct the grill)?