How to Protect my Land from Trespassers and Neighbours

Hi, I own a vacant land in Hyderabad. Recently they have build houses in the adjacent plots and we had some agruments on the compound wall measurement etc. The measurements were actually done by a professional architect but the new neighbour claims it to be slighly inclined, he was advising and expecting for a common wall. I denied and he build a separate wall. He flaunts that he is a working in a bigger position and keeping reminding on the same and expects everyone to agree on this thoughts etc. He also expressed his intentions to acquire the colony presidents role maybe in the near future. He has some rough discussions with our relative too who reside by my plot and is not in good terms with them. Recently he requested for use of my plot for his house warming function and have agreed with a mature mind and for a good cause. He now wants to convert or use the plot for playing badminton and has prolifered saying it will help the colony for recreational activities than being vacant. I have straightly denied this thought as this land holds sentimental value to me. He might end up using this plot for his own purposes for parking etc too. I do not want to entertain any such things on my plot. I am planning to get the front side of the plot fenced with a mesh and signboard "Keep out of Place - Private Land". I am presuming he might pester me time and again for maintainance of the land for unwanted plants and likely snakes or mosquitos. And also might pose problems while i construct my house. Do you have any better advise to resolve any upcoming nuisance by the new neighbour. Thanks in advance. Regards, Phani Kumar