Pagdi Flat possession suit filed by landlord to evict us.

My fathers had bought a pagdi flat in Mumbai in 1984. After he passed away my mother and siblings were residing there, and my mother was paying the rent to the landlady through her cheques. Since 2008 we have been living with a relative without paying any rent. We visit that house occasionally but it is largely vacant. We go there for a day or two sometimes have stayed there for months too. The landlady stopped taking rent from us but we paid other building maintenance charges. Now she has filed a possession lawsuit against us. We don't have any other residential property and all are documents are of that address too. We have electric connection and all bank correspondences of that address. What are our chances in such a scenario. If we go and start living there will it help?? Also she has made allegations that we have made changes to the house, left it in desrepair, etc which are all untrue. The house is nicely painted and has our furniture and things too. We had a meeting with her about selling the house, and would pay her her 1/3 share. To which she had agreed. But now in that suit she has asked the court to refrain us from selling the property as we may have ulterior motives!! She has been taking possession of several flats in the building by paying the tenants lower price than what is due or bullying them all together. She wants to have us evicted. Please advice P.S: we have made a passport application with this address too, it is under process now.