Hi team...I got married 8 yrs ago ....after marriage my inlws n wife had fights WD my family n threaten n beaten dem ..so they got separate wdin 3 months...n from last 7 n HF yrs m staying alone WD my wife ....we took property on joint names m first party n my wife as partner...wherein her patents support me of 4-5lacs but that's all black money n they don't have proof of it ..n I took home loan n personal loan fr it ....I have paid approximately 7-8 lacs in that flat...which goes out from joint savings account ....where she din pay any emi fr home loan or person loan ...but she saying that she had paid all amount...2 yrs ago I caught her red handed WD her bf n try log complaint in police stn but they refuse to take complaint ...and now she n her family is torturing me n my family to give them property n divorce if not they have planned n complaint agnst me n my family for domestic violence ...dowry n forcing her to get physical.... this all allegation against me n my family....help me how can I get out of this... my questions 1- will my family b get arrested when they never live WD us from more then 7 yes....she also included my granny who is 70+ and never live WD us or my parent. 2- from last 2 yes she is living alone in my flat n not letting me live in my flat and also allegating m trying to rape her ...in this what can b done. 3- when I try to log complaint in that area where I got property those ppl got good contacts son police not listening or helping us....can I log complaint in any police stn agnst my wife who not letting me allow to enter in my home n my inlws who brutally beaten n abuse me always. 4- can 497 b log agnst wife s she caught slpng WD her bf I in any police stn...if police don't log complain what can b done.I have given on writing since they din log complaint nor fike nc for same...and nver responded to DT written complaint its also despatch to other police stn but no replies. 5 - can I complaint about fraud police case against 498 n thy forcing n blackmailing me to give property n divorce or else me n my family will b arrested by police n don't get bail. 6 - they have hidden my wife's original date of birth that's she is elder to me n got some serious health issues.... their intention to use me n my family for money what can b done?? can I complain in any local police stn or it shud b only where I got marrid or have property or she lives? sorry to ask u so many questions but m seriously going through with big problems n mental n physical torture given by my wife n in-laws....they are blackmailing me for my entire property n all fraud cases against me n my fmly....pls suggest me what to be done m ready to give half of property