False Rape Case

Dear Sir, From January 2012 A relationship started with a girl,I committed to marry her.After 6 month We apply to maarige officer to marriage registry.They told us it will confirm it after 3 months, if we have no objections.After 6 month some Quarrel started with her and my family did not accept her to marry.Then by confusing I got married with another girl with families agree. on 3 months after marriage She filed a rape case against me and my uncle and anty..She complained that on 14,01,2013,I went their home and I signed a marrige registry from and night I raped with help of my uncle and aunty. Then Again I took her on 25.02.13 at my home and raped with help of my uncle and aunty .which is totally false,the mentioned date I did not went her home,even my uncle and aunty..on 09.04.13 Police arrested my uncle and got bail after 50days..After then one year My Aunty surrender to court and got bail after 40days...Still now I am out side and police did not arrest me..So can you please give me some suggestion what Can we do the next step,or how we can get success as she filed a false rape case that will be great full to me.. Thanks