I got married in 2014 may to an officer in navy, soon after marriage I got to know I have to stay with my mother in law n her mother instead of my husband. I work in bank . Soon after mariage I was harrased by my mother in law n nani. Verbally. Yelling over petty issues, she often calls my parents n tells them every made up story which is not true.. N insulting them. I kept quite. But dis is affecting my mental health. Also she tells something really different to my husbnd on phone . Now I am pregnant n my mother in law is not calling me since the very begining. Also she has told all her relatives not to have any contact with me . Since I got transferred to another city n I live here alone. Myvmother is there with me to stay during pregnacy. When ever I go there to see my mother in law she tells me not to come. This time when I need my husband the most he does not calls. Dont want to be in such a relationship where a man does not bother about his own child. If I have a divorce I alone may not be able to give my child the quality education I want to give. Will I get somehelp legally regarding this ? Sice I am working in a govt bank. Also if I dont see them fr long can they take any legal action against me?? Or what can I do with my mother in law? Can she be out of our family any how???