What if Anticipatory bail is rejected by high court

I have been charged with false case under 420,406,467,468,120b My counterpart has been arrested and sent to JC for over 50 days now.the police has not yet presented the challan in court.i applied for AB but was rehmjected in session as well as high court.my counterpart bail under 439 was also rejected respectively. We were mediators in a property deal and got stuck up. We also have done an FIR against the third party from whom we were to buy land.the whole deal went off as the buyer couldn't pay in time promised and we couldn't pay the seller due to this.there was no legal agreement but a formal agreement between us and the seller,original papers retained by seller now as they are influential people.police has been harassing and the buyer has filed FIR against U.S. and he is blackmailing to send us to jail and has manipulated police to do so and support him. I want to know what help can I seek from court for not getting arrested and my counterpart further to apply bail and be out of JC. Please guide us we are being given so many directions from many lawyers...distress and seeking help. We also did a rajinama with the petitioners in between but he didn't present it and police said we didn't comply it so the earlier agreement withstand and FIR not being taken. Though we paid cash on rajinama but he adjusted it as interest for money and didn't give receipt also all under police support.please guide what to do now and where to go to seek justice.