Legal advise related to Cheating and Fradulent case

Hello Payal, I need legal opinion on a case where I had lend almost 6 figures amount to a girl/acquaintance for her mother's cure in month of sept 2015. I was assured to return the money in a week time, but till now I have received 5000 rupees only that too last week. Following things have already happened in past 6 months: 1) She gave me intentional overwriting cheques, out of which one got bounced in month of Feb. I had also send her demand notice for the same, but she hasn't acknowledged the same. 2) Apart from that, she has been telling me to return money every week and failing to keep the promise. So it has added up as mental stress for me. 3) Also I have talked to her father who is also adamant and blaming me helping her in need. We can discuss further if possible. I have all the transactions details, chat history from day 1 and other email proofs with me. PS: I had done some investigation from my end and found that she and her brother are alleged in betting online as well. I have a snapshot to support that too.