Property is being enjoyed by my grand father

My grandpa got 20 acres from forefathers and 5 acres on my grandma name he has three children. 1) My uncle 2) My father 3) My aunty my uncle and his wife died. My mother died. My uncle had two children and father had three children. My grandpa registered upto 5 acres for uncles children when they are minors only. Remaining all property is on my grandfather name. all the property maintained by himself. My aunty was given some property 30 years back for marriage. He did not gave any property to my father or his children. All the property income is taken by grandpa only. He give yearly money to uncles children for education etc. But he will not give any money to us. My father is fellow who just eat and sleep. He does not bother about us and do not question his father. We are not allowed into house also. We don’t know what we done? We are suffering a lot. How can we claim our rights? We all are majors now. I got married recently. Please give us suggestion. 1. How can we claim our rights? Should we divide the properties? Or can we claim our income? 2. My father wont help us. Do we have rights to fight against my grandfather? 3. does my aunty again has the right to take some share in our remaining property or grandma property?