Vehicle Theft and Recovered, but police not ready to release

Respected Sir, On April 9th 2014 my vehicle has been stolen which was parked in front of my house on early morning hours and on same day we went to police station in our area to file an FIR, but the inspector told to wait for a day and search in nearby police stations as told by him we waited, next day we went again he was not ready to file FIR, but after much pressure he finally accepted and filed an FIR on 10th April 2014. Now, on 15th May 2014, i get a call from another station saying my vehicle is lying in there police station from a long time ( they never mentioned the date and area where it was location ) and told me to come and collect, so i took a copy of FIR and went, but they said since FIR is lodged the vehicle has to be handed over in concerned station and as said i called up and took the vehicle and given to station where the FIR is filed. I have been told by a person that i can get released the vehicle at station level or can go to court, the people in the station convinced me to get it done at station level, but i have to speak to the inspector who was handling my case, The inspector told he will not release the vehicle saying they have to catch the thief then only they will release the vehicle, he told me to come after a week and he will say some procedure which i have to follow. i have spoken to station inspector also even he says the same thing. So i asked the inspector to provide PF number for my vehicle, which he is not ready to give and he started saying that even if i get the bike released from court he will book that vehicle in another case and keep it with him. From the people in station i came to know that during filing an FIR i gave pressure, so now he wants to take revenge for that. So i would like to know what should i do ? is there any way to get PF number using FIR number which was filed ? what route should i take now ? I heard that even lawyers, until they have the PF number they cannot file for a release of vehicle. Any suggestion will be helpful to me. Thanking you,