Husband has filed case u/s 9 against me

Dear sir/madam I got arrange marriage on 2nd June 2013 through jeevansaathi matrimonial site,with a software engineer, he has 2 younger brothers and 1 married sister 1) My in laws had given fake information about the home that it is their own property but actually it's not, it is disputed property 2) At the time of family enquiry they didn't tell that my sister in law lives with them, they given false information that wo bhaai ki shaadi k liye ayi hai 3) They didn't told my parents that he(husband) is fired/left from his company and he is in notice period 4) My parents had given me some jeweleries and at the same time my in-laws had also given me some jeweleries but at the time of vidayi they told my parents that someone has stolen the gold bangles from the jewellery bag but they stopped my parents for any kind of family or police enquiries)and now my in-laws are denying to give my jeweleries back 5) After marriage, my husband came to me after 20-25 days, till then my sister in law was living with me in my bedroom, 6) my marriage was held in June which is very hot season, and I never been use to of saree and heavy jeweleries, so(neend mein kisi tareh meri saree oopar ho gayi nd I started itching in private part) I m bit plumpy jiski wajeh se summers mein mujhe private part mein aksar itching hoti hai, but, my sister in law had made issue of it and she linked these things to my character that I m characterless that's why I do all these things. After marriage when I slept on first night with her, then there is possibility that I started this kind of activity but rather than she should say me ki apne kapde thik kar lo, wo mujhe sota chodd kar, she called my in laws including my husband and shown them this activity in my bedroom, but on that time nobody said me anything to me regarding this, but after 1.5 yrs(I was totally unaware about such issue) my sister in law has raised this issue again and said me "Teri aukat to do paise ki bhi nahi hai tune to pehli raat ko Hi saare gul khila diye the, agar Teri jageh koi doosri hoti to hamare samne ankh utha k baat karna to door humare saamne bhi nahi ati, nalayak besharam kahin ki, tujhpe to mein thookoongi bhi nahi" and she spitted on my face in front of my husband and other in laws, but neither my husband nor my elder in-laws had taken action against her, even they didn't said a single word, but rather say anything to her my husband and other in laws has started shouting on me that" dekh kitni dukhi hai bechari ab to usko dukhi karna band kar" 7) I came ready for this marriage at the condition that I will do job after marriage also(i am an MBA and before marriage I was manager in alwar hotel) and i would prefer salwar kurti after marriage, occasion will be acceptional and my husband was agreed but after marriage they denied all these things but after some argument s they became ready for salwar kurti but not for my job, they(my in laws) said ki Hume pata hota job k baare mein to hum to rishtey k liye Hi mana kar dete 8) Every time there was interference of my in laws in my personal life as well as in our husband-wife private life but my husband never opposed. even after 3months of my marriage me and my husband fought first time and my mother in law came to my room and said " isko alag kar de, chodd aa isko iske baap k yahan, padi rahegi na Wahan par to iski akal thikane ayegi" 9) after marriage I went to my parents home first time in rakshabandhan for some days and when my all in laws reached my home to get me back, they insulted my parents, that there daughter is unlucky (manhoos)for his husband and in laws," uske ate Hi humare bete ki naukri chut gayi, sone ki chudiyaan chori ho gayi, sab beemar rehne lage hein, etc. 11) my in-laws never left us alone to spent time as a husband wife, whenever we go outside, some other family members also go with us or if we are in our room then after 5-10 min they started call his son or me reasonlessly 12) on 17 may 2014 we blessed with a son(his birth was by c-section), but after delivery, on the day of discharge my mother tried to thrown me out around 3 am from my matrimonial house and said, now we don't need you apne potey ko to main dabbe ka doodh bhi pila k paal loongi, nikal ja mere Ghar se 13) when my son became of one or 1.5 month around then my sister in law nd mother in law again raised the issue of my character, same thing related to my first night, my sister in law ne mere kapde oopar utha k kaha ki itne oopar the tere kapde us raat ko besharam ko dekho ab bhi sharam nahi hai, and my mother in law also supported her and said arey kya pata shaadi se pehle ispe kitne latke pade rehte honge uski maa ko sab pata hoga lekin Fir bhi humare maathe thop diya isko. Even my mother in law strictly instructed me that i can't touch my baby and many times she forcefully took my kids from me 14) my husband never told me about his financial condition or about his income, whenever I asked he replied "tujhe kya Matlab hai" his all documents are with his mother, and she never allowed me to touch it. He never tell me that where is he going but each and every detail are with their siblings and parents. I am not allowed to touch a single thing of my husband 15) on 5 June 2015 my sister in law had given some wrong information to my brother in law (kaan bhare) and he started misbehaving and said I can't live at home any more and thrown my baby's clothes and his toys but this time also my husband didn't supported me, as usual he said abhi uska bachpana hai sudhar jayega, behen dukhi hai isliye chiddh mein aisa kar gayi hogi, but this was the height of my tolerance from past 2 yrs 16) on 6 June 2015 my mother in law has created seen, so that my parents has to be interfare, lots of drama happened, police also came and I came to my parental home back 17) from the day 6 June 2015 my husband never tried to contact me, but after a week my 13 months old son had called him by mistake so that he called me back but he never tried to meet us or never tried to know how we are surviving, jabki he knows better that I m jobless, and my father is priest and there is no fix income source of him 18) After lot of tonts I given to him, he came to meet us on 18 July 2015 just for the formality it was of 1/2 an hour meeting in the meanwhile his father called him 4 times that come soon, my husband given my son- acasio( worth of rs.2500, 2 set of dresses, a pair of sandals and 10000 cash)and he said his own that we will live separate but when he reached at his home he denied to live separate 19) on 24 July 2015 me and my father filed case under section 125 against him, but in reply he sent me legal notice under section 9 20) every time my husband is calling me but in that home, where my self-respect, my future, my child future, my freedom is totally unsafe, each and every time I suffer from mentally torcher. Pls. Help me to come out from all these mess