Minor Head-on collision with Two Wheeler.

Hi, I have just now involved in a small accident. I was getting out of an apartment that is on the highway. As I got out I stopped near the highway to check if there was any traffic in the direction of the highway traffic and glanced the other side and since there was no traffic I started but right then 3 college students on a Vespa stopped right in front of my car and as I hit the brakes I hit them. Since i started from stand still and they had slowed down no physical damage to anyone. Their scooter was damaged and so was my car. According to me, they are at fault because 1. They came in the wrong direction. 2. They were triples. 3. I highly doubt if they had their headlight on because when they stopped and i inspected the damage on the side of their vehicle I saw even the headlight looked already damaged. Since it was in the night and my sister was in the car all I wanted was to leave so I verbally told them to file for insurance and I would pay the additional amount. They claimed that the vehicle was Kerala registered vehicle but since there was no number plate I couldn't confirm. They did not have any insurance in hand but claimed that their friend had it. Should I contact the police and file for an FIR to get it settled legally.