Kicked in two hours out of a rented house

The owner has two houses and lives in one putting the other for rent. 14th Aug: Met a broker, found a house. 15th Aug: Met the owner of the house (with the broker), and finalised a deal verbally paying the advance. 16th Aug: Gave ID proofs of 4 people planning to stay to the broker to forward to the owner. 17th Aug: Contacted the broker, requested for a rent agreement. 18th Aug: Called the owner directly and reminded him of the rent agreement. 19th Aug: Shifted all our furniture and home appliances to the new house. Went to the broker to collect rent agreement, broker informs us owner wants us to VACATE immediately WITHOUT REASON. Phone calls are made and temporary residence is allowed in the house by the owner. 20th Aug: Broker comes to the new house and informs us about the unwillingness of the owner to consider letting us stay. Suggests the reason might be, and I quote "there are two Muslims in your group of four". Consulted a few people and found another reason could be the broker or the owner might have found another higher paying tenant. 21st Aug: We are finding a new house and will move out as soon as possible. . Is there anything we can do to avenge this mental and physical harassment? Do we even have any kind of case as all arguments are in the air and there is not a single written document!?!