To obtain divorce from Husband though he is not at fault

Dear Advocates, I have been married for more than 7 years. (my Age at the time of marriage 21 years and husband's age at the time of marriage was 30 years. in 2007) It was love marriage, done in court without letting my family know about it. He was not ready to wait till i complete my studies, so i got ready for court marriage. Since, i was studying, and due to other family issues, i asked him to wait for few years before shifting to his house. After marriage also, i did not reside with him even for single day. I have been staying at my parents home till date. But our marriage is consummated. 3-4 years after marriage, i some how lost interest in this relationship, my Higher qualification, earnings etc is far higher than him. Moreover, "Love" factor started fading from my side and i lost feelings , emotions for him.I decided to keep my commitment for him, but then felt i wont be able to fulfill my duties willingly in this marriage, and this will lead to fights and frustration later. So, no pint of such sacrifice. I don't want to leave him because i m highly qualified or earn more than him, the only reason was, i felt that it was immature decision to marry him when i was young. I explained this to him and requested for MCD. Till date he is not ready to give me divorce, And i don't have any valid ground against him to prove, as i never resided with him. I don't want to file case, as i don't have anything to prove against him, and this will be time consuming process too. Sir /Madam, I request you to guide me with remedy to finish this marriage legally without filing a case. As i am highly frustrated with this relationship now and my life is stuck due to this. Sincerely thank you for your valued time and seeking advise for relief. My email Id- [deleted]