Distribution of property

Hi, My friend's father expired 22 years ago. He had four children. Two sons and two daughters. Now all are married and two sons along with the mother they are living together in a house constructed by the mother and father. Elder son and his wife had a dispute with the mother and his mother told to vacate the house, but the elder son is not vacating the house instead saying that since it is his father's property he has all rights to stay there and often quarreling and fighting with the mother. The house is still in the name of the father only..after he expired they didnt change or transfer the house document to mother's name. Now son saying, the property will belong only to two sons only not even the daughters will have any rights to share the property. But the mother is saying that she will equally share the property to all. ie to all four children. IS THIS POSSIBLE.? since there is always a conflict between the elder son and the mother, the younger son told to transfer the house document to mothers name and she will share the property as per her wish or else sell the house and divide it to all the 4 children. For this, the mother approached the elder son to sign a document so that she could sell the property and give it to all. But the elder son is refusing to sign as he would not allow to sell the property. He wants to live in that house only. Since the mother is sick and only the younger son and younger daughter are taking care of the mother, they both suggest that the documents needs to be transferred to their mothers name and let she live in her house peacefully. There are three portion in the house, she might leave two for rental purpose and in one portion she may live so that she can earn for her living and can meet her medical expenses. That father was working in a central government and the mother is received her husbands pension, so she can manage with the rent and the pension for her living. younger son and younger daughter are willing to sign the no objection document and transfer the property to mother's name....if 1 daughter and 1 son and the mother is ready to sign the no objection document - whether the property can be changed TO MOTHER'S NAME ? Elder Son has also got the father's job as a compensatory measure and he has got all the benefits of a central government employee. But still he wants the house as a whole (a part of share can be given to the elder son but not the whole house property to the son). IS THERE ANYTHING TO BE DONE FOR THIS. Bottom line, younger son and younger daughter wants their mother to be in good health and peaceful. Also the elder son's wife and his in-laws often coming to the house and quarreling with the mother. WHAT CAN BE DONE FOR THIS. Mother does not want any one from the elder son wife's family to enter the house. So only the mother wants to vacate the elder son, but he is not vacating. With regard to the elder daughter, she does not come for anything...she lives in a town with her husband and a daughter. MAIN ISSUES: 1. DOCUMENTS NEED TO TRANSFERRED TO MOTHER'S NAME. 2. ELDER SON NEEDS TO VACATE THE HOUSE. IS THERE ANY SOLUTION FOR THIS..pls answer