Movable properties to sell first

Sir, do bank under sarfaesi act 2002 section 13(4) can take possesion of immovable properties.. Without auctionong movable properties..cleared term loan.. Npa left around 16 lkhs.. Now we want to sell movable properties of factory ie plant and machinery.. Rawmaterials.. Which will be enough to clear npa left.. Now bank under 13(4) publish in newspaper about immovable property of my home ie. Mortgaged..they want to sell it.. They have no intention to take movable properties first and sell to arc Or auction.. Now what to do as a gurantor i m exhausted.. Borrower is my relative.. However there cheated.. Already loan restructure.. Bt he refused to pay.. Can we as a gurantor requst to bank to sell movable prop first but they denied.. Because they are bought from term loan ie. Cleared.. Now only cc left.. Pls help how can i offend myself .. Pls hep ASAP.. Also we requested to handover management of company ie. Also an option to us under sarfaesi act and we will father is a professor..and his salary is also frozen in this pandemic.... But they have no intention in doing this.. Hoping for a formal reply from u so that i can formally give a letter to RM Or BM.. Of bank sbi.. We live in remote area..hope u reply asap